19 September, 2021

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15th Jul 2021


McCaskill, William

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,


William “Mack” McCaskill born 1929.  These notes are written in 2020 from only phone conversation’s on the phone only.  I do hope to do a interview with him sometime in the future.

Mack went into the Navy in 1943 at age 14.  He said that when he  and the other recruits arrived at Great Lakes training center some of the other recruits were under age and told the people in charge that they were only 15 or so and they were released as soon as the Navy learned their ages.

Mack was stationed aboard the USS Stockdale DD399.  He was gunner’s mate on the 40 mm anti-aircraft guns.  His ship went into Tokyo Bay at end of war.  This is about all I know about Mack’s service during the war.  When he was discharged in 1946 he was only 16.  He lives in Tarpon Spring’s Florida and I hope to do a DVD interview yet this spring.


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