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15th Jul 2021


Mueller, Henry

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

    Lt. Col Henry Meuller ( in 1970 he was a Brig. General) This is being put on computer August 31 2019 by Larry Martin from notes taken by phone.   11-2012 Henry was the G-2 (intelligence officer of the 11th Airborne) during the planning and execution of the “Raid On Los Banos”  February […]

Montegno, Bill

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

30 August 2019   Bio is being written by Larry Martin by notes from Bill’s interview in about 2015. Bill went into the Army Air Corps on 19 April 1942.  Was assigned to the 9th Air Force in Europe.  He flew B-25s, C-47s and C-46s.   Bill dropped the 82nd Airborne into Normandy on D-Day June […]

Miller, Thurman

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

31 August 2019 Born November 26th 1919 passed away September 2017   This biography of Thurman Miller USMC Gunnery Sgt.  Is done from notes taken during a trip to (My Grandson Trenton Grimes) and I took to Thurman’s home in Mt. Hope West Virginia.  I was introduced to Thurman by a man from Jackson Mi. […]

Meuller, Henry

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

This is written by Larry Martin 12-22-19.  I never have met later Brig. Gen. Henry Meuller who was a Lt. Colonel in the11th Airborne in the Philippines 1944.  I have spoke to him on the phone many times he is 102 years of age at this writing and very sharp mentally living by himself in […]

Mericle, Don

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

  This bio of Don Mericle  born 1926 USN is being written by Larry Martin July 11 2020 from notes taken in June 2015 when I interviewed Don on DVD. Don enlisted in January 1944.  Don became a gunner on a twin 40 mm anti aircraft gun aboard the USS Cofer APD 62.  The Cofer […]

Menna, Tony

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

Bio written by Larry Martin 21 Dec. 2018   Tony Menna USMC Pearl Harbor   Tony enlisted in USMC Oct. 1939 to Oct 1945. He was at Pearl Harbor during the attack on December 7th 1941. Tony fought as Infantry on Talagi and some on Guadalcanal. He was Marine Artilleryman on 155 mm guns Interview […]

McGrath, Jack

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

November 14, 2012 Page 40 Notebook 3   Jack McGrath Born Sept. 1924- 11th Airborne, 511 Rev. HQ1 Machine Gun Platoon Medic Passed away in Fall of 2015   March 1943 Jack volunteered for the draft because his mother would not let him go into the service because she had lost two of her brothers […]

McClelland, Charles

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,

April 6th 2019   Charles McClelland born 1923,  I interviewed Charles Dec. 2012 at his home in Zephyrhills Florida.  This is being updated from information that I just received from Charles today April 6th 2019. Charles enlisted in the  U.S. Navy in 1940 before the start of WW II.  He went through boot camp in […]

McCaskill, William

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,

  William “Mack” McCaskill born 1929.  These notes are written in 2020 from only phone conversation’s on the phone only.  I do hope to do a interview with him sometime in the future. Mack went into the Navy in 1943 at age 14.  He said that when he  and the other recruits arrived at Great […]

Matney, Arlo

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,

Page 48 Notebook 3   Arlo Matney Jan 29, 1920:  passed away summer of 2015. B-24 Bombardier     Arlo took pilot training, but cracked up a plane so he became a bombardier. He trained on the Nordan bombsite, but used a Sparry bombsite. Arlo made 25 missions before being shot down on June 11, […]