Leslie Peck USN USS Wasp

Leslie enlisted in the Navy on 15 Dec. 1941 just eight days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  He was assigned to the USS Wasp a aircraft carrier in the Pacific.  The Wasp was sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea on 15 Sept. 1942.   After  the sinking of the Wasp he was sent aboard the USS Santa Fe a light cruiser.  He was involved in many battles including the bombardment of many Pacific Islands.  He also was involved in many Kamikazi attacks.  Another piece of history that Leslie was involved in was what is known a “Halsey’s Typhoon”  which sank three Navy destroyers named the USS Hull, Monahan, and Spence with the loss of about 700 men.  The winds were as high as 140 MPH with waves as high as 70 ft.  Another think that Leslie was very near was the bombing of the USS Franklin at Okinawa with the loss of about 750 men.  Many of the survivors of the Franklin were brought aboard the Santa Fe.

Where: Carnigie Library Jackson Michigan

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