11 April, 2021

Jim Leavelle Dallas Det. Kennedy assassination.

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Jim Leavelle Dallas Det. Kennedy assassination.

Hello Folks, I traveled to Dallas Texas to interview a man who was  witness to two of Americas most important pieces of history in the last one hundred years.  Jim was at Pearl Harbor on the day of the Japanese attack on Dec. 7th 1941 aboard the USS Whitney.  He tells about the surprise attack […]

Robert Applegate USN

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Hello World War II history buffs, Today I interviewed a Navy veteran Robert Applegate who has one of the most different stories that I have heard.  He was drafted in 1943 but volunteered for the Navy during his draft physical.  He was assigned to the Naval Armed Guard which I had not heard of.   What […]

Norm Hatch USMC Combat Cinemaphotographer

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Hey Folks, I  want to take a few minutes to tell you that I have just completed a two hour DVD interview with a man who is very well known for what he did during WW II.  His name is Norm Hatch  he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1940.  Norm was a regular enlisted […]

Bob Liberty

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Bob Liberty was a torpedo man on a Destroyer the USS Tingey 539.  Bob personally saw what is called the Marianas Turkey shoot where the US Navy shot down  between 550 and 650 Japanese planes and sunk three Aircraft carriers as well as two oilers.  The American loss was about 123 planes lost and no […]

German Soldiers of WWII

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Stories from WWII German Soldiers Here is some information regarding German soldiers who fought in WWII. Many people have been asking questions on Twitter about the German soldiers so here is a little insight that I hope you find helpful.   #1 is a personal friend of mine named Ernst Floeter who was in the […]

How Did Hitler Rise to Power?

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hitler picture

Question: How did Adolf Hitler get elected and what sort of propoganda did he use? Also, how were the Jews affected? – Via Twitter @aprilrush101 Answer: Much of the reason for Hitler’s rise to power in Germany during the 1930’s was the terrible economic conditions in the country at that time, largely resulting from the […]

Japanese-American 442nd Regiment

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Larry Martin talks about the Japanese-American 442nd Regiment. The Japanese-American 442nd regiment was an amazing batch of fighters who played a very important role in WWII. There were 21 medal of honor recipients in this regiment alone. Not everyone is aware of how important and how brave these soldiers were.  

Bill Ingram – WWII Veteran video blog

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Here is a video from Larry Martin describing some of WWII veteran Bill Ingram’s amazing stories. He was a prisoner of the Japanese for 3 and half years and was forced into labor on the infamous Burma/Thailand Railroad project. Let us know what you think of this amazing story. More videos will be coming soon. […]

2009 Programs

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We are losing so many of these fine men every day, the youngest that would have been old enough to see much combat is about 83 now and the oldest that I have scheduled to appear is 93. About 400,000 of these men died so that we could continue to have many of the freedoms […]

Leo Forster Portrait

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Click on the Picture for a Larger ViewThis picture is of Leo Forster, a Lieutenant in the German army, the Wehrmacht. The inscription in German on the back of the picture reads: “For my friend Larry Martin,I gave him a copy of the only war picture of myself that survived the second world war, because […]