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15th Jul 2021


Matney, Arlo

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Arlo Matney Jan 29, 1920:  passed away summer of 2015. B-24 Bombardier



Arlo took pilot training, but cracked up a plane so he became a bombardier. He trained on the Nordan bombsite, but used a Sparry bombsite. Arlo made 25 missions before being shot down on June 11, 1944. He made two missions over Ploesti in May 1944. He was released by the Russians in September 1944, he was treated pretty well by the Germans. 15 Air Force out of Foggia, Italy. Two of his crew died in the shoot down, including the ball turret gunmen and waist gunman. 484th bomb group 826 squadron plane was named SoWrong Gal. Arlo painted the nose art on his place. SoWrong was a take off on actress Hedy Lamarr’s gown in a movie.


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