21 May, 2018

World War II Interviews

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Alexander, James USMC Bar-Man

Andrews, Rev. Army Inf. France

Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot 33 Missions

Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot POW

Bahlau, Fred 101st Airborne

Bakker, Amy Java under Japanese rule

Bavier, Don Army POW Japan

Beal, Harold USN Omaha Beach 12 Hrs. D-Day

Black, Bob 82nd Airborne 4 combat jumps

Bleil, Eugene MD Bataan Death March

Bradway, Edith USN, Alverez Tillie USCG

Boyd, Earl Army Infantry, & Medic Pacific

Bridge, Jack ARMY 36th Div. Salarno Italy

Brinninstool, Don 101st Airborne

Broesamle, RoyNuremberg War Crimes

Brown, Woody USMC Pelileu, Okinawa

Bunting, Miles Army Inf. POW

Caustueras, FloraMD, Boy in Philippines

Clark, Dick USMC Tarawa, lost leg

Cooke, ChuckB-17 Pilot 33 Combat Missions

Cramton, Barney 50 Cal. on Dive Bomber

Currier, Verrold Army Medic at Buchenwald

Currier, Lyn lived in England during WW II

CubkoMyron USMC Iwo Jima

Dakin, Bill USMC Marine Raider Gradalcanal

Dietsch, Bob Army Combat Engineer, Italy

Dow, Art 88th Inf. Div. Sicili, Anzio, Cassino

Elfring, Herb Army, Pearl Harbor Dec, 7th 1941

Finnigan, Patrick USN Coxwain

Floeter, Ernst German POW Normandy June 44

Forster, Leo German Army in Italy, many stories

Fowler, Lee Canadian Army Fought in Holland

Gersey, Herbert Army Pearl Harbor 1941

Gilton, Bill USMC Tarawa, Siapan

Goss, Don ARMY D-Day Normandy June 6th 44

Henry, Gordon USN Heavy Cruiser

Hilding, Russ B-17 Pilot POW Buchenwald

Horner, Kenneth (Jack) B-17 POW, CBI

Hutchenson, Robert B-17 Switzerland

Ingram, Bill USN,POW Burma/Thialand RR

Jackson, Fred Lt. Army Air Corp. B-29 Pilot

Johnson, Carl 3rd Armored Div. Bulge, Achen

Kaas, Carl Dutch underground fighter

Kass, George USN Pearl Harbor Dec, 7th 1941

Kohn, John Army Pacific

Kron, Walter, US Army, German born Jewish

Leonard, Mildred Army , Lt. African American

Levitt, Jack USN Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th 1941

Lewis, George, B-29 machine gunner over Japan

Lewis, Jim USN Submariner Pacific

Lohner, Adolf German Army, Russian POW

Lumley, Barrett British Royal Air Force Pilot

Malec, Henry Battle of Bulge,& MP @ Nuremberg

Malejan, John 11th Airborne Los Banos Raid

Matney, Arlo B-24 Bombardier POW

McClelland, Charles USS Helena Pearl Harbor

McKinzie, ColonUSN, Pearl Harbor1941

McGrath, Jack 11th Airborne Philippines

Miller, Fred ARMY POW Salarno Italy

Nummer, Dick USMC Infantryman Iwo Jima

O’Connor, Keith Army Capt. 94th Inf. Div.

Paul, Robert Lt. USN Aircraft Carrier Fighter Pilot

Peltes, Paul Army Capt. in charge of 130 medics ‘

Poirier, Armand Army Medic 4th Armored Div.

Richardson, Dave Child in England during War

Russell, Bill ARMY AIR CORP B-24 POW

Robb, Howard Co-Pilot B24 35 missions

Salizar, Bruno 8th Air Force POW

Schofield, Clyde Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th 1941

Seitz, Berwin B-24 Ball Turrett gunner

Selektor, Leyzer Lt, Russian Army @Leningrad

Sizemore, Marvin USS Houston Burma RR

Stanley, LeRoy MP Guard Nuremberg War Crimes

Stevenson, Jessie 80th Inf. Div R & I Plt.

Thelen, Dick USS Indianapolis, 112 hrs in water

Vallad, Len Army 155mm Artillary Okinawa

Wagner, Carl USN USS Houston, Kamikaze attack

Walworth, Lyle ARMY Inf. N. Africa, Sicily, Italy

Warner, Richard USN Corpsman Iwo Jima

Welch, Rex 82nd Airborne Made 4 CombatJumps

Whiting, Bob USMC Corsair Pilot 68 Willoughby, Sam American RAF Pilot

Wieczorek,Walter USN Coxwain

Winnell, Hugh USMC Corsair Pilot Okinawa

Yates, Herman 7th Armored Purple Heart France

Yehl, Gene USMC Iwo Jima

Zimmerman, Lee Lt. 8thB-17 Bombardier POW





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