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Welsh, Rex

Posted on 14 December, 2013 by in ,

Rex is only the second paratrooper who I have interviewed who made the four major parachute combat  jumps in Europe.   He tells owhat D-Day as well as many other battles were like.  He was a 81 mm mortar man.  I have a picture of Rex right after the war and his eyes remind me of a picture I have seen of Audie Murphy on the cover of a Life Magazine in 1945.  They just seem dead to me, that is just my opinion.  I am sure they had been very traumatized by what they had been through.  Take a look at Audie’s eyes in the picture on the computer of the Life Magazine cover.  Audie did not sleep well and had nightmares the rest of his all to short life.  I do not know that Rex had those types of problems but his picture just reminds me of the 1945 picture of Audie.  I will have Rex’s picture at all of my WW II programs in 2014.  I already have five Larry Martin’s World War II In Their Own Words programs scheduled for 2014.   The first is Saturday the 17th of May at 10 am at the Dexter Michigan Library.

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