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Lintz, Hubert

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May 26, 2014

Page 59 Notebook 3

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Hubert Lintz (Apr 29, 1929- Spring 2018) & Giesela Lintz (Apr 12, 1925- Jul 2017)


Hubert and Giesela were German citizens who were young adults during the time of the end of the war. They lived inn Klellenberg, a suburb of Cologne, NW Germany on Rhine River, 65 miles from Belgium and Holland. There were 267 bombing raids on Cologne during WW2, and Hubert and Giesela were in the middle of a lot of the bombings. Giesela threw a stuck, incendiary bomb out of the bathroom window. Hubert tells of first 1,000 bomber raids. His family had lived in Cologne for 450 years to 1589 AD per records kept by the Catholic Church, which is when the Church started keeping records. Hubert’s father was a non paid Nazi as of 1933. He did some social work, found apartments or moved into other homes.  Hubert fought fires, manned anti-aircraft guns, rescued people from burning and burned out buildings.


July 12, 2014

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Hubert told me over the phone that he was visiting with a friend of his family in Cologne on about December 10, 1941, when the German government declared War on America. His friend, a German solider, said, “We have just lost the War; America could out produce Germany so much that the USA could easily bury Germany under our trash.” This solider had just returned from the Russian front.

Part 1 1933-1938 ends with Germany going into Austria

Part 2 1938- Austria invasion, Czechosloakia.


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