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15th Jul 2021


Lardie, Martin

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Martin Lardie was born 1924 passed away in January 2015

This Bio written Dec. 20 2018 by Larry Martin from notes from Mr. Lardie’s interview in  2011.


Martin Lardie 1924-2015 joined the Lansing Fire Dept in 1950 retiring in 1979.  He was Larry Martin’s Captain of Training when I was a Fire Dept. recruit in Oct. 2014.


Martin enlisted in the Army in December 1942.  He was assigned to the British 8th Army

under General Barnard Montgomery, then the American 5th Army under General Mark Clark and Patton’s 5th Army.  He was assigned to a quad 50 caliber machine gun unit (possibly the 433rd Anti-Aircraft unit).  He went to N. Africa but no combat.  He was involved in combat at Sicily, Anzio, Mt. Cassino, Marseilles France.  He also saw combat at both the Maginot and Siegfried lines.



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