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15th Jul 2021


Gilson, Mark

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,


July 13 2019 from notes and memory of Larry Martin.  Interview and notes taken 6 June 2012.


Lt. Mark Gilson 1919 USN Dental Officer Fleet Marine Force FMF.  Mark was station with the Marine Corps at Guam and Iwo Jima.   FMF are Naval officers and enlisted men  such as: Physians, Dentists, Ministers who all called Chaplin’s in the military , Lawyers, Medical Corpsman both medical and dental enlisted men.  These men wore a regular Marine uniform.  Mark was sent to the FMF because of a discipline problem that he did not want to talk about.  FMF training was at Camp Elliott out side of San Diego which I think later became Marine base Camp Pendelton.  Mark went through the Shellback initiation when he crossed the equator.  He also met Ernie Pyle.  While I have stayed in touch with nearly all of the veterans listed in my list of interviews that I have done over the last 20 yrs.  I did not meet Mark Gilson again after this interview was completed in June 2012.


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