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test bill ingram

15th Jul 2021


Black, Bob

Service: ArmyUnit: 82nd Airborne

Bob made more combat parachute jumps than any other man I have interviewed. He jumped into Sicily, Salerno Italy, Normandy, and Holland. He tells of the training it takes to be a paratrooper. Hearing his story truly causes one to marvel at the raw guts that it must take to jump out of a plane at night behind the enemy lines with thousands of rounds of every kind of fire coming up at you and you can do nothing to avoid it.  All of these men volunteered for the paratroopers. Bob tells some very funny stories of meeting British Gen. Bernard  Montgomery as well as other high ranking officers during the war. Also on the same DVD as his interview I have his return to Normandy in 1984 and 1994.  Bob fought in some God awful combat but, told me that the 82 Airborne lost more men in the Battle of the Bulge than any other fighting he was in.  Bob had a lot of nice memorabilia but the one that sticks out in my mind was the first SILK map of his drop zone in Normandy on D-Day.  It literally looked like a piece of art.  On Bobs interview are also the 40 and 50 year reunion on DVD also.

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