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15th Jul 2021


Letter from Amy Bakker’s Children

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in

To Larry Martin:

My mother enjoyed the conversations she and Larry had about being a young bride and mother during World War Two. She was living in Indonesia with two young children, while my father served in the Dutch army, and was captured as a POW in a Japanese concentration camp for three years. There he worked on the Burma railroad along side other war prisoners.

My family and I learned a lot about my mother’s experiences during that time, from the video that Larry produced. We are thankful that we have this amazing video, which is a tribute to my mother, Amy Bakker, as we realize what a remarkable and brave woman she was.

Thank you, Larry, for this precious gift to her four daughters and their families.

Maren Gans
Sonja Matejewski
Sandra Howard
May Dowley

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