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15th Jul 2021


Selektor, Leyzer

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

June 19, 2013 Page 54 Notebook 3 DVD 1 Leyzer Selektor 1921: Brigade 69   At about 1 hour into the interview, he talks about Germans and Jewish killings in camps so I could show 1st hour at the library program. Leyzer was born in Romny, Ukraine in 1921. In 1939, Leyzer was sent to […]

Satterfield, Bob

Posted on 15 September, 2021 by in ,

      This short bio of WW II USMC and later career Army Lt. Colonel  James Saterfield is written from notes (2012) and memory by Larry Martin in June 2019.  I did two interviews with Jim because he was so upset and emotional.  His wife had just been put into a assisted living home […]

World War II Interviews

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Alexander, James USMC Bar-Man Andrews, Rev. Army Inf. France Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot 33 Missions Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot POW Bahlau, Fred 101st Airborne Bakker, Amy Java under Japanese rule Bavier, Don Army POW Japan Beal, Harold USN Omaha Beach 12 Hrs. D-Day Black, Bob 82nd Airborne 4 combat jumps Bleil, Eugene MD Bataan Death […]

Sizemore, Marvin

Posted on 14 December, 2013 by in ,

Marvin was stationed aboard the USS Houston, there were two ships named Houston this was the first.  She was sunk on March 2nd 1942 in the Battle of the Java Sea.  Marvin was not aboard when she was sunk, he had went ashore to the hospital.   He had been aboard the Houston at several […]

Salizar, Bruno

Posted on 26 October, 2012 by in ,

Bruno was born in 1922 and went into the Army Air Corps in 1942.  He was trained as a Engineer/50 Caliber machine-gunner on the heavy bomber a B-24 named “Stinky”  he was assigned to the 546th bomb group of the 8th Air Force which was also called the Mighty 8th or the Fighting 8th.  I […]