20 June, 2021

World War II Interviews

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Alexander, James USMC Bar-Man Andrews, Rev. Army Inf. France Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot 33 Missions Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot POW Bahlau, Fred 101st Airborne Bakker, Amy Java under Japanese rule Bavier, Don Army POW Japan Beal, Harold USN Omaha Beach 12 Hrs. D-Day Black, Bob 82nd Airborne 4 combat jumps Bleil, Eugene MD Bataan Death […]

Forster, Leo

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I met Leo in Florida in 2003 on a tennis court. I recognized his accent as German so I asked him if he was German he said that he was so I asked him if he had been in WWII. He replied that he had been. We became friends over the next 6 years and […]

Floeter, Ernst

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Ernst was born in 1925 in Berlin Germany. In the early 1930s he watched many American cowboy movies. These instilled in him a strong desire to one day travel to America. I have known Ernst for about two years and he is a joy to talk to about everything, even something as horrible as World […]

Finnigan, Patrick

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Patrick was a coxwains mate in the Navy. A coxwain mate drove landing craft to the beaches of battles. Patrick tells what it is like to be under artillery attack in a Higgins boats. He made several landings in Europe.