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15th Jul 2021


Connor, Gisele

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,

30 August 201   This bio of Gisele Connor is being written by Larry Martin from notes and memory of the interview that I completed at my friends Ken and Connie Stuby in Zephyrhills Florida in Dec. 2014. Gisele was born in France in 1922, though 92 she was a very beautiful woman.  I was […]

Cohen, Leoni

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,

Leoni was born in 1918 This interview was completed at Bet-Mar by Larry Martin 3 February 2012.   Leoni Cohen born 1918 in a suburb of London and was in London during the “London Blitz”  September 7 1940 to May 10 1941.  Leoni also was in London when the “Buzz Bombs the V1 and V2 […]

Carlson, Evans

Posted on 14 September, 2021 by in ,

Written by Larry Martin October 2 2018.   Col. Evans Carlson who was the son of Evans F. Carlson the commanding officer of the WW II 2nd Marine Raider Battalion.   I met these Marine Raiders at a  Raider Reunion in Washington D.C. In August of 2001 just one month before the attack on our […]

World War II Interviews

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Alexander, James USMC Bar-Man Andrews, Rev. Army Inf. France Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot 33 Missions Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot POW Bahlau, Fred 101st Airborne Bakker, Amy Java under Japanese rule Bavier, Don Army POW Japan Beal, Harold USN Omaha Beach 12 Hrs. D-Day Black, Bob 82nd Airborne 4 combat jumps Bleil, Eugene MD Bataan Death […]

Czubko, Maryan

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in ,

Maryan went into the Marine Corps He was in the Tanks where he fought in the very bloody battle of Iwo Jima.  Maryon drove a tank on Iwo Jima

Currier, Verrold

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in ,

Verrold Currier was drafted in 1942. After training as a field medic he was assigned to Gen. Patton’s 3rd Army where he gave first aid to many. When the 3rd Army opened the horrible death camp Buchenwald, Verrold was ordered to stay there for about three weeks to give aid to the people at Buchenwald. […]

Currier, Lyn

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in ,

Lyn Currier was a English woman born in 1927 and later married to Verrold Currier. She tells in her interview about what life was like in England during WWII. She tells of riding her bike in the dark to go places, since everyone was in complete blackout due to fear of bomber attacks. She also tells a funny […]

Cramton, Barney

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in ,

I would like to tell all of you about a Naval serviceman, a sailor namedBarney Cramton. Barney enlisted in the Navy in October of 1942. He was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Essex as a 50cal. Machine gunner on Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bomber. He flew about 40 combat missions, on a mission Barney […]

Cooke, Charles

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in ,

Charles was born in 1915. He was a B-17 Pilot in the United States Army Air Corps  He was in the 8th Air Force (Mighty Eighth) flying out of England. Charles flew 30 very dangerous missions, with all the flak and fighters trying their best to shoot him down. He flew his B-17 at altitudes […]

Clark, Dick

Posted on 4 October, 2012 by in ,

Dick was born in 1923.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps and was assigned to the 2nd Marine Division 2nd regiment 1st Battalion A Co. The major battle that Dick was involved in was the battle of Tarawa which was the first frontal assault in the Pacific.  It was a horrible little island that only measured 3 miles by 1/2 […]