20 June, 2021

Jim Leavelle Dallas Det. Kennedy assassination.

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Jim Leavelle Dallas Det. Kennedy assassination.

Hello Folks, I traveled to Dallas Texas to interview a man who was  witness to two of Americas most important pieces of history in the last one hundred years.  Jim was at Pearl Harbor on the day of the Japanese attack on Dec. 7th 1941 aboard the USS Whitney.  He tells about the surprise attack […]

Robert Applegate USN

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Hello World War II history buffs, Today I interviewed a Navy veteran Robert Applegate who has one of the most different stories that I have heard.  He was drafted in 1943 but volunteered for the Navy during his draft physical.  He was assigned to the Naval Armed Guard which I had not heard of.   What […]

Norm Hatch USMC Combat Cinemaphotographer

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Hey Folks, I  want to take a few minutes to tell you that I have just completed a two hour DVD interview with a man who is very well known for what he did during WW II.  His name is Norm Hatch  he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1940.  Norm was a regular enlisted […]

Howard Kenyon USN

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Howard enlisted in the Navy in June of 1942.  He felt like if he enlisted instead of waiting for his draft notice he would have a little bit of an option of which branch of the service he would go into.  Howard served in combat from the fall of 1942 until the end of the […]

Bob Liberty

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Bob Liberty was a torpedo man on a Destroyer the USS Tingey 539.  Bob personally saw what is called the Marianas Turkey shoot where the US Navy shot down  between 550 and 650 Japanese planes and sunk three Aircraft carriers as well as two oilers.  The American loss was about 123 planes lost and no […]

Bob Liberty

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Bob was in the Navy aboard the USS Tingey DD-539.  The Tingey was in the Halsey Typhoon which sunk three other destroyers with the loss of all hands about 750 men.  He also was at the Marianas Turkey shoot, the battle of Layte Gulf and many others.  The Tingey was the closest ship to the […]

Homer Jackson B-29 Pilot

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Saturday June 7th at 11:00 am at the Spring Arbor branch of the Jackson District Library.  Homer Jackson made 15 combat missions over Japan during WW II as a pilot flying our largest most powerful bomber the B-29.  Hear Homer tell of the time when a kamikaze attacked his plane but missed him since they […]

World War II Interviews

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Alexander, James USMC Bar-Man Andrews, Rev. Army Inf. France Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot 33 Missions Angier, Francis B-17 Pilot POW Bahlau, Fred 101st Airborne Bakker, Amy Java under Japanese rule Bavier, Don Army POW Japan Beal, Harold USN Omaha Beach 12 Hrs. D-Day Black, Bob 82nd Airborne 4 combat jumps Bleil, Eugene MD Bataan Death […]

Welsh, Rex

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Rex is only the second paratrooper who I have interviewed who made the four major parachute combat  jumps in Europe.   He tells owhat D-Day as well as many other battles were like.  He was a 81 mm mortar man.  I have a picture of Rex right after the war and his eyes remind me […]

Hilding, Russ

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Russ was in the 447th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force in Rattlesden England.  He made 11 missions before being shot down over Munich Germany.  Hear Russ tell about being double crossed by the French Underground (probably a German who had infiltrated the French Underground).   He was at Buchenwald for two months before […]