19 September, 2021

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15th Jul 2021


What We Do

What We Do

Larry’s interest in WWII history and his passion for both gathering and sharing the stories of the men and women of the war has sparked the creation of the In Their Own Words project. This project is intended to educate further generations on this fascinating and unique history as well as to foster an appreciation for the hardships endured by all war veterans so that we may all live in a free country.
Over the past decade, Larry Martin has conducted over 75 video interviews of WWII veterans and has hosted over 50 programs at public libraries and other facilities across the country.

Please contact Larry if you are interested in purchasing any of the 75 interviews he has conducted. Additionally, you can contact Larry if you would like to talk to him about scheduling a Larry Martin’s World War II – In Their Own Words program at a Library or school in your area.