Dick Broderick USN USS Iowa & UDT Frogman

This Larry Martin’s WW II In Their Own Words program will be at the Carnegie Branch library in Jackson Mi. at 9:30 am on Saturday Sept. 7th  

Dick Broderick USN.

Listen as Dick will tell about some vaccinating WW II history.  He was aboard the USS Iowa the latest and largest Battleship of the US Navy.  The Iowa was taking Pres. Roosevelt, Sec. of State Cordell Hull,  General’s George C. Marshall, General Hap Arnold (General’s Marshall and Arnold spoke to Dick at his battle-station) as well as  Admiral Ernest King to the Tehran conference to meet Churchill and Stalin when one of our US Navy ships fired a live torpedo at the USS Iowa with the President aboard.  Was this a attempted political assassination???  Dick was a “Plank Holder” of the battleships USS Iowa and the  Wisconsin.

In Dick’s words he wanted off of these big ships so he could “kill” more  Japanese so he became a UDT frogman,  which were the beginning of the Navy Seals.  He will tell about the training of the UDT (Underwater Demolition Team).

Where: Carnigie Library

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