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October 3rd Program Overview ~ Don Goss

Posted on 24 October, 2009 by in

Hello my name is Larry Martin, I am the coordinator for the WWII program thru the Jackson District Library and I would like to tell you something about our October 3rd program.  

The veterans name is Mr. Don Goss (Pictured Below), Don was a infantryman in the 29 Div. he went into Omaha Beach at 0930 on 6 June 1944 in Normandy commonly known as D-Day. The troups that had hit Omaha beach at 0630 was the 1st Infantry div. one of the men that landed at 0630 was a actor named Charles Durning who plays a ongoing role on Everybody Loves Ramond, Mr. Durning plays the Catholic Priest on several shows. For those of you who know of the Slaughter at Malmady Mr Durning was one of a handful of soldiers that survived the slaughter.  

Mr Goss broke into sobbing when he related his landing to me in 2007, when he spoke of his landing craft running over the dead soldiers from the first attack at 0630. Omaha beach was a killing field, the Germans under General Irwin Romel (The Desert Fox) had had several years to build up their defenses and they did. Mr. Goss fought thru the Hedgerow country before being shot by a sniper. He was hospitalized for 19 months. 

Larry Martin

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Pictured above: Don Goss and Robert O’Brian

D-Day – 29th Division Infantryman

Landed in Normandy, France June 6th, 1944

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