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German Soldiers of WWII

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Here is some information regarding German soldiers who fought in WWII. Many people have been asking questions on Twitter about the German soldiers so here is a little insight that I hope you find helpful.


#1 is a personal friend of mine named Ernst Floeter who was in the German  91st Division at Normand France on D-Day and was wounded twice before being captured by the 82nd Airborne since the landed in the area the Ernst was in.  He was sent back to America as a POW to pick cotton and fruit.  He now lives in America and is very happy to be an American.

#2 is a German man who I knew for about five years before his passing several years ago.  He was a Lt. in the Wehrmacht fighting in Italy.  He made it back to Germany and was trying to get back to Berlin to help fight the Russians but luckily did not make it back to Berlin where he would not have had much of a chance of surviving the Battle of Berlin.  There is much more to tell about his history but I have DVD interviews of all of these three men as well as a DVD of Ernst Floeter and another German S0ldier talking in 2012 in Florida about their memories of growing up in Germany and the Hitler youth that they joined.

#3 is a man named Adolf Lohner who fought on the Russian front and was very lucky to survive.  Adolf fought the Russians in Budapest Hungry and was captured, taken POW by the Russians for about two yrs..   Many of these Germans did not ever return to Germany.


I also have a Russian soldier who was the 900 day seige of Leningrad and tells about what it was like to see more death and suffering than the US, England, Canada and Australia suffered in the entire war.   There were between 1 and 1 and 0ne half million DEATHS alone in Leningrad.


All of the 115 WW II DVD interviews that I have completed in the last 15 yrs are available for sale with written permission of the Veterans so that this information can be kept alive so that we all know of the horrors and sacrifices that all of the fighting men of WW II went through for all of us so that we could all live with the safety and freedom that we all enjoy so much.

German Soldiers of WWII

German Soldiers of WWII – More Stories

Please let us know if there are any other questions you may have about WWII.

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